Crabs know best..

Crabs know best that getting places takes time. Did you know that they have 5 pairs of legs which means they have 10 legs to get them places. You would think they would get to places fast but no.. they actually walk sideways and getting places takes time.

I can relate to them this month because my fifth extension pack to the Developing Writers resource has taken time.

This pack is all about details in writing. Relevant, engaging details that make for better conversation and more exciting writing pieces. Writing or talking about the bare minimum can make the receiver unsatisfied and wanting to know a lot more.

In the Details Pack you will have resources to teach kids ways to include details into their writing. Helping them reflect on key aspects of an event such as what happened, who was there, where were you going, why were you going there, what did you do. This opens up their writing and gives them the confidence to share more.

I will feature this resource in more detail soon and you will be able to read this in the Developing Writers tab. For now though, if you would like to grab this resource on sale, it will be down from $6 to $2 for the next 24hrs so be quick! And make sure to follow my shop to stay up to date with sales, freebies and updates!

Grab the resource here

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Footer image via: Bodil Jane