Letter Formation Posters

Handwriting and letter formation is something I feel evolves with children. Like so many other things it just needs a bit of time and practice to come into fruition.

Early on I used to look at those ‘attempts’ at writing letters by the 4/5 year olds and think how will those scribbles ever look like letters. Sure enough they do. With time, maturity and some repetitive practice. Kids will often get the hang of writing letters and making them readable. It evolves and gets better with time.

Some will be back to front, upside down, at the bottom of the page, all over the place, incredibly massive or incredibly tiny. Eventually it happens though.

I try not to concentrate too heavily on what the letters look like (they need to be somewhat decipherable) but if kids are getting so frustrated because they are concentrating so hard on what the letter looks like instead of trying to write a sentence then handwriting gets in the way of the natural writing process and we want kids to enjoy writing about the things they are interested in and passionate about.

In my Developing Writers resource I look at how letters look like and are written in the second writing focus called Sound out Sam which is all about the alphabet – but there isn’t a big emphasise on making things really neat and correctly forming letters until kids are ready. I feel when they are comfortable with the writing process their brain opens up space to concentrate on other things and handwriting is one of them. That’s why I chose to put handwriting at the end of the pack as the last skill Presentation Perfect (all about how letters are formed).

My store now has some FREE letter formation posters. One is crab themed and the other dinosaur themed. If you have a TpT account you can download them here:

Crab themed letter formation posters

Dinosaur themed letter formation posters

You might be a parent or looking after some littles and don’t have a TpT account (it is quick and easy to sign up if you would like) here are the pdf versions you might like to use at home:

Letter formation – dinosaur

Letter formation – crab

I have also created a letter formation resource where kids follow the numbers to create the letter (a bit of numbers and letters combined!) this resource is $1 and can be purchased here:

Letter Formation Posters – With Numbers

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