Tinybop Apps

A few years ago when the grade ones were learning about Space we looked for iPad apps that might support the teaching and learning that was going on. There were some really good ones we found but the one that really stood out was from Tinybop. The app was interactive and visually awesome and the kids were obsessed!

They could explore through space and navigate their way around the planets. We found that it really helped kids visualise all of the things we spoke about and were learning. Tinybops have a handful of apps available to download and I find myself constantly checking in to see if one of the apps might suit something we are learning about.

As the kids are starting school and meeting lots of new faces, one thing that has been really important (particularly right at the start) is to give enough time within our program to truly understand one another. Our backgrounds, likes and dislikes, who is in our family and special things that make us unique. We have used the ME app to give kids the opportunity to present all of the information about themselves to the class in a fun and interactive way.

Once the kids create their ‘ME’ profile we have an afternoon dedicated to each child so that they could share it with everyone.



App price: $2.99

Ages: 4+