Alphabet Pack: all your alphabet goodness

This is not going to be a short post.. sorry! But there are over 300 pages of alphabet goodness in this pack to explain and this might be just the thing you were looking for to help those littles learn the alphabet.

I’ve made the pack big enough to hopefully give you all the alphabet resources you need, which will be months and months of daily resources at your finger tips.

Never underestimate the power of the alphabet. It is where so much comes from and giving it the time it needs to be taught and learnt well will do wonders to a child’s development. Truly understanding each letter name and sound/s will lay a very strong foundation to being able to read and write confidently. It is very amazing to see kids applying their knowledge of the alphabet to those initial stages of reading and writing.

In this pack, kids will enjoy interactive, hands-on and differentiated activities to help them learn their letters and sounds. Within this pack you will find a big emphasis on the sounds each letter makes as some alphabet letters make more than one sound. Teaching kids that some letters have up to 3 sounds really helps them progress with their reading and writing and aims to break down confusion surrounding alphabet letter-sounds.

This pack has a variety of literacy centre activities, posters to display, printables to use, crafts to make and daily practice pages for kids to complete throughout the day. This resource will give you months of alphabet fun for kids to engage with and truly cement their alphabet knowledge.

Inside the pack you will also find 52 pages worth of daily practice kids can enjoy. Within these pages kids trace words, understand sounds, color in pictures that correspond to these sounds, trace images and learn correct letter formation.

 la_boutique_dei_colori_crayons44Inside the pack you will find:

  • letter formation posters
  • alphabet puzzles with words and pictures
  • alphabet craft for each letter
  • letter formation practice strips
  • ‘color in’ the correct alphabet sound picture strips
  • letter formation cards
  • alphabet picture tracing cards
  • letter mazes
  • ‘color in’ the correct alphabet sound picture printables
  • individual student alphabet booklets
  • alphabet crowns to decorate and make
  • alphabet themed ‘warming up those fingers’ before writing
  • letter-sound posters
  • alphabet sounds instruction cards
  • 52 daily practice page worksheets to reinforce alphabet knowledge

Watch the video to see a snapshot of each type of resource included…