Space themed pencil control practice strips

Last year I stumbled on a book inspired by space and its mysteries and it became a real source of inspiration for these pencil control practice strips (and for lots of other space products in store!). Megalopolis by Clea Dieudoone is not your ‘traditional’ book which makes it even more exciting to explore through. The pages don’t turn but instead fold out to make one long vertical story.

As the kids loved the book so much and we were strengthening our pencil control I made these resources to compliment our learning.

It is up to you how you would like to use them – personally I found it better to laminate them and use within literacy groups. These were also something really valuable to pass on to parents to use at home, the more practice the better. You can even send it to parents electronically and their kids can practice using them on an iPad with an appropriate stylus. Alternatively as there are 15 pages worth of practice, you could print each off and include in a session giving you 15 sessions worth of practice.

There are a range of different types of practice within the resource and these include:

05.png  Tracing a variety of patterns through the spaces

06  Tracing a variety of patterns through the spaces

02  Tracing a variety of shapes

04  Tracing a variety of lines

S H O P (1).jpg