Pre-Writing Booklet

One of my all time favourite resources is now included in store as a freebie. Fine motor control and strength is a key part to writing readiness and sets a strong foundation for kids before they tackle the task of writing. It gives them the opportunity to practice holding a pencil, and when they are ready, holding the pencil correctly. Tasks like these also allows kids to build up their dexterity and strength.

Pencil control comes with time and readiness, giving kids opportunities to practice these like playing with toys, coloring in, and planned tasks is very important but pushing them when they are not ready, or forcing them to hold a pencil correctly when they are not ready is stressful for everyone.

With the My Pre-Writing Booklet kids work through a number of different activities. Simply cut out the pages, staple where marked, pop kids names on them and they are ready to go. The great thing about these electronic downloads is that you do not have to print them if you would like to have your child or the kids you teach practicing them on an iPad or tablet. You might be going for a long car ride and don’t want to take any paper with you, or you might simply be low on ink – download Notes HD for free, where you can store your digital resources for kids to use and annotate.

If you do choose to use the iPad at times to complete a learning activity such as writing, it is important (particularly for those little hands and fingers) that they don’t practice with finger touch but instead use a pencil stylus. These are a few dollars and discounted when bought in bulk. Too much practice on the iPad with their fingers and not enough holding a pencil makes it really tough to transition and build up any fine motor strength. Worth a thought!

La_Boutique_Dei_Colori_Crayons42.pngIncluded in the free resource is:

  • a variety of tracing
  • mazes
  • dot to dot

Making the Pre-Writing Booklet is easy, simply…

  • download the booklet from my store
  • print the pages
  • cut out each booklet page
  • pop child’s name on page 1
  • combine all pages in order
  • staple where allocated
  • and now you’re done to use with kids!