The Pre-Writing Pack is here!

I’ve been working extra hard on getting this pack ready and in store and it is now here!

There is something about pre-writing activities that I love, maybe it’s the transition from scribbles to control, or the variety in what can be done. The tracing and coloring (sounds simple I know!) makes you feel as though you are helping a little someone prepare for writing readiness.

This is the first pack in a pack of 10 that are extension packs to my Developing Writers resource. At some point soon I will feature the Developing Writers pack on here and really break it down, so that it is easy to follow and implement in your space. But for now, in short, the Developing Writers resource aims to make the teaching and learning of writing fun, enjoyable and specifically targeted to the changing needs of kids.

You don’t need to download any other resource to use this pre-writing pack well and properly, it doesn’t require you to already have the Developing Writers pack.

You can use this as is for all your pre-writing teaching and learning.

When implementing writing there are a few key areas of focus which are set as the 10 writing development stages of the DW resource. The first one, which is called Free Fish: Have a go, explains the importance of fine motor control and a satisfactory pencil grip to help make the writing process enjoyable. Too often kids struggle to find the strength to hold a pencil which might result in a hate for writing. That is why fine motor development is so important, allowing kids the opportunities to play with things in their hands and practice pre-writing skills.

In this pack you will find:

  • daily practice pages

containing pre-writing activities to help kids practice their pencil control. Included is also a variety of printables you can cut out and use once or laminate and use over and over again. These are things such as:

  • tracing strips
  • pencil control strips
  • road tracing strips
  • connect the dots strips
  • tracing shapes cards
  • color me in cards
  • mazes
  • warming up fingers with plasticine activity cards
  • ‘draw me’ activity cubes
  • pre-writing booklet
  • … and more

Usually over time, and with practice, pencil control gets stronger, they can navigate through lines and in smaller spaces, they can color in certain areas and they can establish a pencil grip that is comfortable and that will help them with the writing process.

This digital download allows you to reuse anything as many times as you want, so kids can practice as much as they like.

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Enjoy and have fun!!